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The list is ordered after the latin names. You can see the source of the provings by clicking on the button in the column “provings”. If this says “LINK” or “PDF”, the proving is available as a file and can be read directly – either on a different website (link) or on this one (pdf). If it says “BOOK”, the proving is not available as a file but only as a book and the exact literary source is given.

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Quartz, Clear quartz
Rock Crystal
Quartz-imm Gemmae
Proving as book

Proving as book

Proving as book

Quassia amara/ Picrasma excelsa
Quassia Wood
Quas Simaroubaceae
Proving as PDF

Quercus rubra
Northern red oak
Querc-ru Fagaceae
Proving as book

Quercus suber
Cork Oak
Querc-s Fagaceae
Proving as external link

Quercus robur
Common Oak
Querc-r Fagaceae
Proving as book

Proving as book

Proving as external link

Proving as book