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This blog talks about interrelations of homeopathy and holistic ways of healing with the world beyond medicine, with spirituality, science and politics. The homeopathic way of thinking and questioning about problems, crises and solutions is extended to encompass more than issues of individual health. During two hundred years of work with crises and suffering we have developed a holistic way of looking at contexts and a specific way of listening, which may prove to be very helpful in collective contexts as well. In a loose series of articles I wish to show this by different current issues. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)). You may distribute and reproduce it in accordance with the license terms.

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Jörg Wichmann, November 2017


Alternative Medicine in the Context of the Global Crisis

This article was written in the wake of Fabian Scheidler’s brillant book “The End of the Megamachine. A Brief History of a Failing Civilisation”

As a small contribution to his thoughts and because this aspect is not fully covered in Scheidler’s book, I would now like to point out the role that modern medicine is playing in the global crisis and the role, alternative medicine can play.

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The Power of Lobbies – and a Question Noone Asks.

As therapists we have learnt to always enquire exactly, to ask about the content of every term that is used and to investigate into any seemingly self-evident proposition. Reading about the “power” of the lobbies so many times recently I therefore ask myself, what it actually is about, what kind of “power” we are talking about. We shouldn´t ask the question: Who influences whom? but: What does this influence actually consist of, where does the power of the lobby lie, who administers it, and why are we permit it to exist in the first place?

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