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This blog talks about interrelations of homeopathy and holistic ways of healing with the world beyond medicine, with spirituality, science and politics. The homeopathic way of thinking and questioning about problems, crises and solutions is extended to encompass more than issues of individual health. During two hundred years of work with crises and suffering we have developed a holistic way of looking at contexts and a specific way of listening, which may prove to be very helpful in collective contexts as well. In a loose series of articles I wish to show this by different current issues. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)). You may distribute and reproduce it in accordance with the license terms.

(Not being a native speaker I apologize for any mistakes and appreciate any kind of amendment.) .

Jörg Wichmann, November 2017


New Publication: Healing the Homeopathic Way - Uniting Shamanism, Alchemy and Modern Science

A new book by me hast just been published, printed and ebook. Details see here.

Healing the Homeopathic Way

Homeopathy works, heals and is easy to explain and understand. All that is needed is a change of perspective to a scientific paradigm that suits homeopathy and on which basis its laws make sense.

In the current discussion about the effectiveness of homeopathy, this book gives clear answers and ....

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​Understandable Reflexes or: There is no Believing a Liar, even when he Speaks the Truth

How can we preserve strength, courage and clarity in a situation in which we are not only constantly lied to and misinformed by the political elites and their beneficiaries, but in which everything can be called into doubt because no truth seems to prevail any longer?

Doubt, discord and quarrels are an unbearable burden for a movement. We already have a hard enough time maintaining our critical and committed attitude. Internal destabilization is exactly what we do not need and what plays into the hands of those in power, which is why they are trying to provoke just that.

This article is a contribution to an ongoing argument about the climate and environmental crises that is taking place within the alternative movement.

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Interview with George Monbiot

This is the best and most interesting interview I have heard for a long time.
Nothing to do with homeopathy, but on the most important issues we all are facing today.

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Interview on Kelly Callahans podcast site 1 M

There is an one hour's interview on Kelly Callahans podcast site 1 M.

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Recent research on the so-called „memory of water“

Recent research on the so-called „memory of water“ and on nanostructures of dissolved substances clearly proves the fundamental possibility of information transfer by potentized substances in physical and biological conditions.

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A severe blow to evidence-based medicine (EBM): Cochrane leaders question independence

Recently, the objectivity and trustworthiness of the Cochrane Collaboration has been questioned by a competent authority: Peter C Gøtzsche; Professor, Director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre, MD, DrMedSci, MSc, in a letter dated 14.9.2018, informs that

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FreeWiki – Appeal for help


Wikipedia presents - for all its quality in the scientific field - many topics in a very distorted and ideological way and prevents any corrections. Therefore there is now an alternative: FreeWiki. Please participate !!

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EBM – Evidence Based Monsanto

The annual conference of the pseudo-sceptic organization GWUP sheds an interesting light on the machinations and backgrounds of this fundamentalist group.

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Without any chemical content ....

After reading your article about the lack of material content in homeopathic globules, I experienced a big shock: Maybe there are more products which don't contain what the label says? I thought about what else looked very similar, although it had different names on it.

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Homeopathy as the most sustainable approach to healing

Homeopathy is an ideal form of therapy for a different, sustainable, solidary global culture as it is:


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Divide et impera !

Of the holistic healing methods it is homeopathy that recently is in the focus of being publicly discredited. Long disproved or utterly senseless arguments shall try to undermine a popular and effective way of healing.In Germany the midwives have nearly lost the free exertion of their profession because of a tenfold increase in their liability insurance fees and the situation in Britain is not much better. Persons who utter their concerns regarding the current vaccination politics are publicly villainized. Could this be connected? It is. And the question is,....

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Alternative Medicine in the Context of the Global Crisis

This article was written in the wake of Fabian Scheidler’s brillant book “The End of the Megamachine. A Brief History of a Failing Civilisation”

As a small contribution to his thoughts and because this aspect is not fully covered in Scheidler’s book, I would now like to point out the role that modern medicine is playing in the global crisis and the role, alternative medicine can play.

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The Power of Lobbies – and a Question Noone Asks.

As therapists we have learnt to always enquire exactly, to ask about the content of every term that is used and to investigate into any seemingly self-evident proposition. Reading about the “power” of the lobbies so many times recently I therefore ask myself, what it actually is about, what kind of “power” we are talking about. We shouldn´t ask the question: Who influences whom? but: What does this influence actually consist of, where does the power of the lobby lie, who administers it, and why are we permit it to exist in the first place?

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Thoughts about „Sceptics“ as self-declared opponents of homeopathy

The following remarks deal with the term as such, but mainly with the quotation marks, between which it is set. We know well or can look it up, what a sceptic in the true sense of the word is.... Those organisations of critics of homeopathy that are impudent enough to adorn themselves with the title of “sceptics”, are but the direct opposite.


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Which wholeness ?

It is considered as self evident by all holistic therapists and doctors that an organism can only be healed in its totality. It is not possible to heal an organ separately as if it wasn´t connected to a body. We use to say that we are not treating diseases but sick persons. But the question arises, which wholeness, which totality we are dealing with? Is the individual being....

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Homoeopathy and Compassion – a translation

We are always using the word Homoeopathy as a loanword and describe the meaning, when asked for it. But are we able to actually translate it? This is easier as one might think, but the result is somewhat surprising.

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My True Body

... which is my true body? . .
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