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This blog talks about interrelations of homeopathy and holistic ways of healing with the world beyond medicine, with spirituality, science and politics. The homeopathic way of thinking and questioning about problems, crises and solutions is extended to encompass more than issues of individual health. During two hundred years of work with crises and suffering we have developed a holistic way of looking at contexts and a specific way of listening, which may prove to be very helpful in collective contexts as well. In a loose series of articles I wish to show this by different current issues. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)). You may distribute and reproduce it in accordance with the license terms.

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Jörg Wichmann, November 2017


Homeopathy as the most sustainable approach to healing

Homeopathy is an ideal form of therapy for a different, sustainable, solidary global culture as it is:

  • sustainable, as it uses almost no physical resources
  • decentral, as everyone can produce and prove their remedies anywhere
  • cheap, as the remedies cost very little and only human effort is needed to apply them
  • global, as its principles can be understood by anyone in any culture
  • non-linear and open in its thinking so that it encompasses all faculties of the human mind
  • holistic and takes the whole human being into view as well as their living conditions
  • scientific, as it is grounded in experience and clear principles
  • peaceful, as it does not declare war on disease but goes with it (homoeo) as applied compassion
  • empowering, as it strengthens the self-healing abilities of the human mind-body-system
  • independent, as you don’t need technology, labs, and money to provide it
  • natural, as it mainly uses ingredients taken directly from the natural world
  • spiritual, as it works according to age-less spiritual principles
  • simple, as its principles can be understood easily by anyone with an open mind
  • post-modern, as it opens up to a multi-layered and pluralistic view of the world

We just need to communicate these assets instead of trying to “prove” our effectiveness under conditions that are not only unsuitable for a proof of homeopathy but that are also alien to any realistic outside-the-laboratory healing situations as well.

And we need to communicate these assets to those who are interested and willing to listen, to those with an open mind, whose world-view fits ours and who are able to see where we are going.

And we need to communicate these characteristics and our principles not only as a method for healing of human individuals but as a model for a different, a healthy and viable approach to the world.

(quoted from my article "Homeopathy in the Context of a World in Crisis" in HomeopathicLinks Vol.31, 3/2018, p.9)

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