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Introduction to Substances

mhe aim of our database on www.provings.info is to list all available homeopathic remedies. Therefore we are including the supply lists of all major manufacturers that we know of. And we will include all remedies that are mentioned somewhere in literature. At the time being we can name at least one manufacturer for more than 95% of our remedies.

 In order to understand our database of homeopathic substances please take notice of the following points:

Important Information

* For the sake of homeopathic tradition we are using on this website, as it is common in literature as well, the term "homoeopathic provings" or just "provings". These are not pharmacological provings in the modern sense of the word but self trials and experiences that are conducted by homoeopaths on themselves and on their own responsibility. The provings are done according to a particular protocol and are evaluated systematically following certain rules.
For these trials, with very few exceptions, there are only substances being used which are homoeopathically triturated and - according to the chemical model - contain no traces of the original matter (C 12 or higher)


The content of the remedy provings is meant exclusively for study purposes of homeopaths and are not at all intended to help or direct or influence patients regarding their medical treatment or self-treatment. No statement on these pages can or should replace medical treatment. Please consult your therapist, homeopath or doctor in charge.