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You want to know to which order or to which family a substance belongs? Or which other substances belong to one family? Just enter the substance name (latin, german and englisch name or part of it are possible) and you will see the position in the taxonomy. You can go forward and backward in the taxonomy.

Substance Substance:

Search for groups

You want to see all remedies from a specific group of substances?
Then please insert this term into the following box. (Exact spelling as given is necessary - the easiest way is to drag and drop a term to the box.)
If you want to search for two terms at a time, this is possible as well: Entering "Reptiles+Desert" you would search for remedies meeting both criteria, so all desert reptiles. The notation "Spiders^Scorpions" searches for remedies meeting one of the criteria, so all spiders plus scorpions.
And you can enter a group here plus a family in the box below to search for their combination, so to see all Solanaceae in the Forest or all Magnolianae that are trees.

Taxonomical Family Name:



At the time being you can search for the following terms:
(Just drag and drop the term to the box.)

  • animals: Mammals, Birds, Snakes, Reptiles, Tortoises, Fishes, Cephalopodes, Spiders, Scorpions, Insects, Butterfly, Shells, Snails, Crustaceans, Jellyfish, Lac, Fossil.
  • plants: Fungi, Conifers, Alkaloid, Tree, Orchid, Lichen, Fernlike, Fossil, Mosses.
  • minerals: 1st Row - 6th Row (of the periodic system), Acid, Lanthanide, Gas, Gemstone, Meteorite.
  • biomes: Ocean, Sweetwater, Desert, Forest, Rainforest.
  • other groups: Bacteria, Drug, Parasite, Sarcode, Carcinogen.

Search for groups after Sankaran

To search for special family terms used in the method of the Bombay homeopathy school and R. Sankaran please use the following box. (Exact spelling as given is necessary - the easiest way is to drag and drop a term to the box.)

Family Name:

Here you can search for

  • all the plant groups named as families by R. Sankaran:
    Anacardiaceae, Araceae, Apocynaceae, Berberidaceae, Boraginaceae, Cactaceae, Compositae, Conifers, Cruciferae, Dioscoreaceae, Ericaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fungi, Geraniales, Gramineae/ Poaceae, Hamamelidae, Labiatae, Leguminosae, Liliiflorae, Loganiaceae, Magnolianae, Malvales, Myrtaceae, Nepenthales, Papaveraceae, Piperaceae, Primulaceae, Ranunculaceae, Rosaceae, Rubiaceae, Rutaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Solanaceae, Theales, Thymelaeaceae, Umbelliferae, Violales.
  • Animal groups in the following spelling:
    Amphibia, Arachnida (spiders and scorpions), Birds, Cephalopodes, Fishes, Insects, Mammals, Reptiles, Snakes, Molluscs, Crustaceans.
  • The mineral rows of the periodic system you can find in the general search above since they are commonly used in the same way.

Search for groups and taxonomy Taxonomical Family Name, Order, (Sub)Class or Phylum: