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Mineralia – Minerals
Since many of the anorganic minerals are chemically quite simple substances buildt after hard rules and similar in structure through each chemical group it doesn´t make sense to list all those compounds that can theoretically be buildt.

Instead we will here give the periodic table of elements showing to which groups the elements belong. And in the groups we will only list those compounds that have been proven, that have important common names or that are easily mixed up with others or that are in any way noteworthy for modern homoeopathy.

The *abbreviations of the elements follow the homoeopathic use not the chemical. Only after No. 104 the chemical abbr. is mentioned since these elements have not been given homeopathic abbrevations.

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Organic Compounds

In Chemistry it is customary, to treat the carbon compounds as a group of its own. The term „organic" is derived from the fact, that all material processes of life depend on carbon chemistry.

Within organic chemistry acyclic compounds, where C-atoms form strings, are differentiated from cyclic compounds, that are buildt on the basis of C-rings.