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Abies alba

SubstanCe Abbreviation Systematics
Abies alba
European silver fir
Abies-a Pinaceae

Edeltanne, Silbertanne, Abies pectinata


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Plantae - Plants Pinophyta / Coniferophyta - Conifers Coniferopsida - Conifers Coniferales Pinaceae - Pine Family
Abies alba (Abies-a)
European silver fir

More substances of this family:
Count: 30

Abies balsamea
Balsam fir
Abies-bal Pinaceae
Abies nigra
Black Spruce
Abies-n Pinaceae
Cedrus deodara
Himalayan cedar
Cedr-de Pinaceae
Cedrus libani
Lebanon cedar
Cedr-l Pinaceae
Coloph Pinaceae
Substantia alia plantae
Larix decidua
Common Larch
Lar-e Pinaceae
Larix decidua /Resina laricis
Larch resin
Lar-e-re Pinaceae
Picea abies
Pice-a Pinaceae
Picea abies /Piceae pollen
Fir pollen
Pice-a-po Pinaceae
Pinus aristata
Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine
Pin-a Pinaceae
Pinus cembra
Swiss Pine
Pin-ce Pinaceae
Pinus contorta
Lodgepole Pine
Pin-c Pinaceae
Pinus lambertiana
Sugar Pine
Pin-l Pinaceae
Pinus longaeva
Bristlecone Pine
Pin-lo Pinaceae
Pinus longaeva/ Radix Pini longaevae
Bristlecone Pine Root
Pin-lo-rad Pinaceae
Pinus mugo pumilio
Dwarf Pine
Pin-m-p Pinaceae
Pinus nigra
Austrian Pine
Pin-n Pinaceae
Pinus palustris
Pin-p Pinaceae
Pinus pinaster
Maritime pine resin
Pin-pin Pinaceae
Pinus pinaster /Resina pini
Maritime pine resin
Pin-pin-re Pinaceae
Pinus pinea
Stone pine
Pin-pi Pinaceae
Pinus silvestris
Scotch Pine
Pin-s Pinaceae
Pinus silvestris /Pollen pini
Scotch Pine Pollen
Pin-s-po Pinaceae
Pix liquida
Pine Tar
Pix Oils and similar Compounds of Carbon
Pollen pini japonicum
Pollen of japanese conifers
Poll-pin-j Pinaceae
Pseudotsuga menziesii
Douglas Fir Tree
Pseuts-m Pinaceae
Oil of Turpentine
Ter Oils and similar Compounds of Carbon
Terebinthina laricina
Resin of Larch
Tere-l Oils and similar Compounds of Carbon
Tsuga canadensis / Abies canadensis
Hemlock Spruce
Abies-c Pinaceae
Tsuga heterophylla
Western hemlock
Tsuga-h Pinaceae

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Mythos Baum, S. 184: Laudert, Doris Kultur