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Aesculus carnea

SubstanCe Abbreviation Systematics
Aesculus carnea
Red Chestnut
Aesc-c Hippocastanaceae

Ae.hippocastaneum x Ae.pavia -Hybrid, Rotblühende Rosskastanie,


Bach flower remedy

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Plantae - Plants Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants Magnoliopsida / Dicotyledonae - Dicots Rosidae Sapindales Hippocastanaceae - Buckeye Family
Aesculus carnea (Aesc-c)
Red Chestnut

More substances of this family:
Count: 17

Acer campestre
Field Maple
Acer-c Hippocastanaceae
Acer circinatum
Vine Maple
Acer-ci Hippocastanaceae
Acer mandshuricum
Acer-m Hippocastanaceae
Acer negundo
Box elder
Acer-n Hippocastanaceae
Acer palmatum
Japanese Maple
Acer-p Hippocastanaceae
Acer platanoides
Norway maple
Acer-pl Hippocastanaceae
Acer pseudoplatanus
Acer-ps Hippocastanaceae
Acer pseudoplatanus /Fructus
Sycamore seeds
Acer-ps-fr Hippocastanaceae
Acer saccharum
Sugar Maple
Acer-sa Hippocastanaceae
Acer saccharum /Aceris succus
Sugar Maple sirup
Acer-sa-su Hippocastanaceae
Aesculus glabra
Ohio Buckeye
Aesc-g Hippocastanaceae
Aesculus hippocastanum
Horse Chestnut
Aesc Hippocastanaceae
Aesculus hippocastanum /Flos album
Horse Chestnut, white flowe
Aesc-alb Hippocastanaceae
Aesculus hippocastanum /Flos rubrum
Horse Chestnut, red flowe
Aesc-rub Hippocastanaceae
Aesculus hippocastanum femininum
Horse Chestnut, female
Aesc-fe Hippocastanaceae
Aesculus hippocastanum masculinum
Horse Chestnut, male
Aesc-ma Hippocastanaceae
Aesculus hippocastanum/ Pollen Aesculi
Horse Chestnut Pollen
Aesc-po Hippocastanaceae

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