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Alnus glutinosa

SubstanCe Abbreviation Systematics
Alnus glutinosa
Black alder
Aln-g Betulaceae

Schwarzerle, European alder, Common Alder, Alder


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Plantae - Plants Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants Magnoliopsida / Dicotyledonae - Dicots Hamamelidae Fagales Betulaceae - Birch Family
Alnus glutinosa (Aln-g)
Black alder

More substances of this family:
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Alnus glutinosa/ Pollen Alni
Black alder Pollen
Aln-g-po Betulaceae
Alnus rubra
Red Alder
Aln Betulaceae
Alnus serrulata
Tag alder
Aln-s Betulaceae
Betula alba
Betul Betulaceae
Betula alba /Cortex betulae
Birch bark
Betul-co Betulaceae
Betula alba /Folia betulae
Birch leaves
Betul-fo Betulaceae
Betula alba /Pollen betulae
Birch pollen
Betul-pol Betulaceae
Betula alba, Carbo betulae polaris
Coal of scandinavian birch
Betul-ca Betulaceae
Betula alba, Cinis betulae esko
Ashes of birch
Betul-cin Betulaceae
Pix betulina
Tar of Birchwood
Pix-b Betulaceae

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