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SubstanCe Abbreviation Systematics
Amyg Rosaceae

Laetrile ®, D(-)-Mandelonitril- ß-D-gentiobiosid; misnamed as Vitamin B17 (it is not a Vitamin, but poisonous) Amigdalina; (R)-alpha-((6-O-beta-D-Glucopyranosyl-beta-D-glucopyranosyl)oxy)phenylacetonitril


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Plantae - Plants Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants Magnoliopsida / Dicotyledonae - Dicots Rosidae Rosales Rosaceae - Rose Family
Amygdalinum (Amyg)

More substances of this family:
Count: 95

Acaena microphylla
Acaen-m Rosaceae
Aceticum mali
Cidre vinegar
Acet-mal Rosaceae
Substantia alia plantae
Agrimonia eupatoria
Agri Rosaceae
Alchemilla alpina
Alpine lady's-mantle
Alch-a Rosaceae
Alchemilla vulgaris
Lady´s Mantle
Alch-v Rosaceae
Amelanchier lamarckii
Amela-l Rosaceae
Amygdalus communis /Prunus dulcis
Almond Tree
Amyg-am Rosaceae
Amygdalus communis /Prunus dulcis e seminibus
Amyg-am-se Rosaceae
Amygdalus communis /Prunus dulcis var. dulcis
Sweet Almond Tree
Amyg-d Rosaceae
Amygdalus persica
Peach Tree
Amyg-p Rosaceae
Amygdalus persica e cortice
Peach Tree bark
Amyg-p-co Rosaceae
Amygdalus persica e foliis
Peach Tree leaves
Amyg-p-fo Rosaceae
Aphanes arvensis
Parsley Piert
Apha-ar Rosaceae
Aruncus dioicus
Arun-d Rosaceae
Brayera anthelmintica
Kou Rosaceae
Chaenomeles cathayensis
Chaeno-ca Rosaceae
Chaenomeles japonica
Japanese Quince
Chaeno-j Rosaceae
Chaenomeles speciosa
Chinese quince
Chaeno-sp Rosaceae
Chamaebatiaria millefolium
Fern bush
Chamaeb Rosaceae
Cotoneaster glacialis
Coton-g Rosaceae
Crataegus monogyna
Crat-m Rosaceae
Crataegus oxyacantha
Common Hawthorn
Crat Rosaceae
Cydonia vulgaris
Cyd Rosaceae
Dasiphora fruticosa
Shrubby cinquefoil
Dasi-f Rosaceae
Dendriopoterium pulidoi
Dendop-p Rosaceae
Dryas octopetala
Dryas-o Rosaceae
Exochorda racemosa
Exoc-r Rosaceae
Fallugia paradoxa
Apache plume
Fallu-p Rosaceae
Fragaria vesca
Frag Rosaceae
Geum rivale
Water Avens
Geum Rosaceae
Geum urbanum
Avens Root
Geum-u Rosaceae
Holodiscus discolor
Holdi-s Rosaceae
Kerria japonica
Kerri-j Rosaceae
Leucosidea sericea
Leucos-s Rosaceae
Malus domestica
Malus-c Rosaceae
Malus sylvestris
Crab Apple
Malus-s Rosaceae
Mespilus germanica
Common Medlar
Mesp Rosaceae
Neviusia alabamensis
Alabama snow-wreath
Neviu-a Rosaceae
Petrophytum cinerascens
Halfshrub rockmat
Petrop-c Rosaceae
Phlor Products of the Cell Metabolism and Hormons
Photinia villosa
Photi-v Rosaceae
Potentilla anserina
Pot-a Rosaceae
Potentilla aurea
Pot-au Rosaceae
Potentilla norvegica
Rough cinquefoil
Pot-n Rosaceae
Potentilla reptans
Pot-r Rosaceae
Potentilla tormentilla
Pot-t Rosaceae
Prinsepia uniflora
Prinse-u Rosaceae
Prunus africana
Red stinkwood
Prun-af Rosaceae
Prunus africana / Pruni africani cortex
Bark of Red stinkwood
Prun-af-co Rosaceae
Prunus armeniaca
Prun-a Rosaceae
Prunus avium
Sweet Cherry
Prun-av Rosaceae
Prunus avium /Fructus pruni
Sweet Cherry fruit
Prun-av-fr Rosaceae
Prunus cerasifera
Cherry Plum
Prun-cf Rosaceae
Prunus cerasus
sour cherry
Prun-c Rosaceae
Prunus domestica
Prun-d Rosaceae
Prunus laurocerasus/ Laurocerasus officinalis
Cherry Laurel
Laur Rosaceae
Prunus padus
Bird Cherry
Prun-p Rosaceae
Prunus padus e cortice
Bird Cherry bark
Prun-p-co Rosaceae
Prunus padus e floribus
Bird Cherry flowers
Prun-p-fl Rosaceae
Prunus serrulata
Japanese cherry
Prun-s Rosaceae
Prunus spinosa
Prun Rosaceae
Prunus virginiana
Prun-v Rosaceae
Prunus x yedoensis "Akebono"
Daybreak Yoshino Cherry Tree
Prun-ye Rosaceae
Pyracantha coccinea
Pyrac-c Rosaceae
Pyracantha crenulata
Nepalese firethorn
Pyra-cr Rosaceae
Pyracantha koidzumii
Formosa firethorn
Pyrac-k Rosaceae
Pyrus calleryana
Callery pear
Pyrus-ca Rosaceae
Pyrus communis
Pyrus-c Rosaceae
Quillaya saponaria
Chile Soap Bark Tree
Quill Rosaceae
Rosa alba
Rosa-a Rosaceae
Rosa blanca
White Rose
Rosa-bl Rosaceae
Rosa californica
California wildrose
Rosa-ca Rosaceae
Rosa canina
Wild Rose
Ros-ca Rosaceae
Rosa canina assisiensis
St.Francis Rose
Ros-ca-a Rosaceae
Rosa canina/ Fructus rosae
Wild Rose Hip
Ros-ca-fr Rosaceae
Rosa centifolia
Ros-ce Rosaceae
Rosa damascena
Damask Rose
Ros-d Rosaceae
Rosa gallica
Ancient Yellow Rose
Ros-g Rosaceae
Rosa rugosa
Japanese rose
Rosa-ru Rosaceae
Rubus chamaemorus
Cloud Berry
Rubu-ch Rosaceae
Rubus fruticosus
Rubu-f Rosaceae
Rubus idaeus
Rubu-i Rosaceae
Sanguisorba minor
Salad Burnet
Sangui-m Rosaceae
Sanguisorba officinalis
Great Burnet
Sangui-o Rosaceae
Sarcopoterium spinosum
Sarpo-sp Rosaceae
Sibiraea laevigata
Sibir-l Rosaceae
Sorbaria kirilowii
Sorba-k Rosaceae
Sorbit Rosaceae
Synthetic Drugs
Sorbus americana / Pyrus americanus
American Mountain-ash
Pyrus Rosaceae
Sorbus aucuparia
Sorb-au Rosaceae
Sorbus aucuparia /Fructus sorbi
Rowan fruit
Sorb-au-fr Rosaceae
Sorbus domestica
Service Tree
Sorb-d Rosaceae
Spiraea trifoliata
Bowman's root
Spirae-t Rosaceae
Spiraea ulmaria
Spirae Rosaceae
Spongia cynosbati / Galla rosae
Spon-cyn Rosaceae
Substantia alia plantae

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