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Stillingia sylvatica

SubstanCe Abbreviation Systematics
Stillingia sylvatica
Queen´s Root
Still Euphorbiaceae

engl.: Queen´s Delight, Silver Leaf, Cock-up-Hat, Yaw root; Stillingia treculeana,


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Allen, T.F. (collector)


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This is a link to Allen´s Encyclopedia online, which has collected material until 1879
Hughes, Richard (Editor)


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Publishing year

This is part of "A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis" by R.Hughes, 1886-90, which tried to collect all provings done until that date in full text. Hughes was the collector, the proving authors of course were many different ones.
Bradford, T.L. (collector)


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This is a link to a file containing Bradford´s Index of Homoeopathic Provings, nearly all provings until 1901.

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Plantae - Plants Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants Magnoliopsida / Dicotyledonae - Dicots Rosidae Euphorbiales Euphorbiaceae - Spurge Family
Stillingia sylvatica (Still)
Queen´s Root

More substances of this family:
Count: 70

Acalypha indica
Indian Nettle
Acal Euphorbiaceae
Aleurites moluccana
Aleur-m Euphorbiaceae
Codiaeum variegatum
Garden croton
Codiae-v Euphorbiaceae
Croton cajucara
Croto-ca Euphorbiaceae
Croton coccineus
Kam Euphorbiaceae
Croton eluteria/ Cascarilla
Sweet Bark
Casc Euphorbiaceae
Croton guatemalensis
Croto-g Euphorbiaceae
Croton lechleri
Dragon´s Blood
Croto-le Euphorbiaceae
Croton tiglium
Croton oil
Croto-t Euphorbiaceae
Dalechampia spathulata
Dalech-s Euphorbiaceae
Drypetes madagascariensis
Drype-m Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia amygdaloides
Wood Spurge
Euph-a Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia canariensis
Canary Island spurge
Euph-ca Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia ceratocarpa
Euph-ce Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia characias
Mediterranean spurge
Euph-ch Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia corollata
Large Flowering Spurge
Euph-c Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia cyparissias
Cypress Spurge
Euph-cy Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia epithymoides
Cushion spurge
Euph-ep Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia esula
Euph-es Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia grantii
African milk bush
Euph-gr Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia helioscopia
Sun spurge
Euph-hel Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia heterodoxa
Euph-he Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia heterophylla
Mexican fireplant
Euph-h Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia hypericifolia
Large Spotted Spurge 
Euph-hy Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia hyssopifolia
Hyssop spurge
Euph-hys Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia ipecacuanhae
Ipecacuan Spurge
Euph-ip Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia lactea
Euph-la Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia lathyris
Euph-l Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia lomelii
Euph-lo Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia magnifica
Euph-ma Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia marginata
Snow on the Mountain
Euph-m Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia milii
Christ Thorn
Euph-mi Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia neococcinea
Masai Spurge
Euph-ne Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia palustris
Euph-pa Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia peplus
Petty Spurge
Euph-pe Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia pilulifera
Pillbearing Spurge
Euph-pi Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia polycarpa/ Golondrina
Euph-po Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia prostrata
Euph-pr Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia pulcherrima
Euph-pu Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia regis-jubae
Euph-rj Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia resinifera/ Euphorbium
Gum Euphorbium
Euph Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia tirucalli
Indian tree spurge
Euph-tir Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia tithymaloides
Redbird flower
Euph-t Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia villosa
Euph-vi Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia virosa
Poison Tree
Euph-v Euphorbiaceae
Excoecaria agallocha
Excoe-a Euphorbiaceae
Hevea brasiliensis
Para rubber tree
Heve-b Euphorbiaceae
Hippomane mancinella/ Mancinella
Manganeel Apple
Manc Euphorbiaceae
Homalanthus populifolius
Bleeding heart
Homa-p Euphorbiaceae
Hura brasiliensis
Hura Euphorbiaceae
Jatropha curcas
Purging Nut
Jatr Euphorbiaceae
Jatropha dioica
Jatr-d Euphorbiaceae
Jatropha gossypiifolia
Bellyache bush
Jatr-g Euphorbiaceae
Jatropha urens
Spurge Nettle
Jatr-u Euphorbiaceae
Latex vulcani
Latex Euphorbiaceae
other industrial products
Mallotus japonicus
East Asian mallotus
Mallo-j Euphorbiaceae
Manihot utilissima/ Cassada
Sweet Casada
Cass Euphorbiaceae
Mercurialis annua
Merl-a Euphorbiaceae
Mercurialis perennis
Merl Euphorbiaceae
Phyllanthus amarus
Herbe du Chagrin
Phyll-am Euphorbiaceae
Phyllanthus angustifolius
Phyll-a Euphorbiaceae
Phyllanthus emblica
Indian gooseberry
Phyll-e Euphorbiaceae
Phyllanthus niruri
Feather-foil plant
Phyll Euphorbiaceae
Phyllanthus sellowianus
Phyll-s Euphorbiaceae
Phyllanthus urinaria
Phyll-u Euphorbiaceae
Ricinus communis
Castor Oil Bean
Ric Euphorbiaceae
Ricinus communis/ Ricini oleum
Castor Oil Bean Oil
Ric-ol Euphorbiaceae
Sapium insigne
Tigers´s Milk Spruce
Sapi-i Euphorbiaceae
Spirostachys africana
Tambootie Tree
Spiro-a Euphorbiaceae
Tetrorchidium euryphyllum
Tetr-eu Euphorbiaceae

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HomLinks 2/06, S.92: Waizel-Bucay, Jose
HomLinks 4/12, S.225: Sneevliet, Annette
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