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Psyche and Structure, Peter L. Tumminello
Narayana - deutsche und englische Homöopathiebücher


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List of remedies

The list is ordered after the latin names. You can see the source of the provings by clicking on the button in the column “provings”. If this says “LINK” or “PDF”, the proving is available as a file and can be read directly – either on a different website (link) or on this one (pdf). If it says “BOOK”, the proving is not available as a file but only as a book and the exact literary source is given.

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Haberlea rhodopensis
Haber-r Gesneriaceae
Habranthus tubispathus
Rio Grande copperlily
Habr-t Amaryllidaceae
Hacquetia epipactis
Hacq-e Umbelliferae/ Apiaceae
Hadogenes paucidens
Olive keeled flat rock scorpion
Hadog-p Ischnuridae
Hadrian´s Wall
Hadrian´s Wall
Murus-h Energetic Fields of Places
Proving as book

Haemanthus albiflos
Haeman-a Amaryllidaceae
Haemat Mineralia naturales
Haematopota pluvialis
Common cleg fly
Haema-p Tabanidae
Haematopus ostralegus
Eurasian Oystercatcher
Haemat-o Haematopodidae
Haematoxylon campechianum
Logwood tree
Haem Leguminosae/ Fabaceae/ Papilionaceae
Proving as external link

Proving as PDF

Proving as PDF

Haemo Products of the Cell Metabolism and Hormons
Haemophilus B - Hepatitis B Vacc.
HBHBVac Vaccines
Haemophilus somnus
Haemo-s Pasteurellaceae
Plague Vaccine of 1897
Haff Enterobacteriaceae
Hafn Hafnium
Proving as external link

Hafnium carbonicum
Hafn-c Carbonium
Hafnium chloratum oxydatum
Hafn-chl-o Chlorum