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List of remedies

The list is ordered after the latin names. You can see the source of the provings by clicking on the button in the column “provings”. If this says “LINK” or “PDF”, the proving is available as a file and can be read directly – either on a different website (link) or on this one (pdf). If it says “BOOK”, the proving is not available as a file but only as a book and the exact literary source is given.

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Pachira quinata
Pachi-q Malvaceae
Proving as book

Proving as PDF

Pachypodium rosulatum
Elephant's Foot Plant
Pachyp-r Apocynaceae
Pachysandra terminalis
Japanese pachysandra
Pachys-t Buxaceae
Pachystachys spicata
Cardinals Guard
Pachy-s Acanthaceae
Proving as book

Proving qjure.com

Pachystegia insignis
Pachys-i Asteraceae/ Compositae
Paclit Synthetic Drugs
Paederia foetida
Paede-f Rubiaceae
Paeonia daurica
Paeon-d Paeoniaceae
Paeonia mascula
Paeon-m Paeoniaceae
Paeonia officinalis
Paeon Paeoniaceae
Proving as external link

Proving as PDF

Proving as external link

Proving as PDF

Proving as book

Proving as PDF

Paesia scaberula
Lace fern
Paes-s Dennstaedtiaceae
Pagodroma nivea
Snow Petrel
Pagod-n Procellariidae
Pagophila eburnea
Ivory Gull
Pagop-e Laridae